When It Comes to Money … Don’t Hate The Game

Learn The Rules.


It’s Not You.

When you’re new at something, you’re going to suck at it.

Whether you’ve just started making your own money or just started getting serious about managing your money, in the beginning we all suck.  We’re smart, but we’re ignorant about the language of money, the rules, how to play the game and most importantly how to actually win with money.

You can win at anything once you know how to play! 

That’s where the Wealth From Scratch comes in.  It’s a curated library of financial and life tools helping college graduates, money newbies, and first-generation wealth builders learn tools, strategies, and systems for mastering their money. It’s here to help you become knowledgeable and action-oriented around mastering your money, transforming that income into wealth, transferring that wealth to our children, and transcending from scarcity to abundance mindset to successfully build wealth.

With Every Workshop You Get:

On-Demand Learning

Watch and learn anywhere, anytime and as often as you like with our comprehensive (and ever growing!) library of videos and audios 


The best tools, templates and worksheets to get you quick wins and long-term success

Action Plans

Complete every class with an easy to follow ‘what to do next’ checklist to get started. No more confusion.

Take one workshop or become a member and get access to all the workshops and much more …

Perks of Being a Member

Community of Like Minded Men & Women

Engage in a community of like-minded wealth builders. Ask questions, and share stories, triumphs and experiences.

EVER GROWING Comprehensive Library of Videos and Resources

Curated lessons, guides and high-value resources so that you can absorb important concepts and execute the strategies quickly and confidently.

Book & Movie Club

Monthly recommendations and discussions on key takeaways from the best books, movies and even articles & podcast episodes on money, wealth and well being.

Monthly Goal Challenges

Every month we post a “5-Day Challenges” that should be achievable in about 5 days. We will also include longer challenges for more extensive goals.

Pop-Up Office Hours

Post questions and get answers in our office hours, where we’ll also check in.

Lives Being Changed Everyday …


“Listening to you got me motivated to make sure everything [my finances] is in order.”


– Leandra

Such a content-packed and engaging presentation!

WOW … Thank you so much for delivering such a content-packed and engaging presentation. You really offered tremendous value, and I appreciate you taking the time to put this together … Thank you again for your expertise, passion, and time today


-Leigh Mascolino
Director of Career Development
Ohio Wesleyan University


 Excellent resourcesWe’ve heard from parents who were impressed about the financial questions students were asking about retirement and savings after attending the presentation with you. Really excellent work, and I’m so glad to offer these tools to students. 

-Leigh Mascolino
Director of Career Development
Ohio Wesleyan University

Back on Track!

“Thanks to Jordanne and her help, I’m back on track towards a sound financial future. She meets you exactly where you are. Whether it’s budgeting, making a financial plan or investing, Jordanne places high emphasis on changing your mindset. Changing my mindset was the most influential factor that impacted my spending, saving and laying a foundation for financial success. I still have more to achieve and will definitely look to Jordanne for advice and guidance. “

– Kim

Debt is Being Handled

“I started this in December of last year because of your content. Samone and I made a pledge together to turn around our finances. My score rose by 25+ points in two months; debt is being handled; … Once I started following your content, I became more serious about changing the state of my financial situation as well as impacting it’s future state”

– Matthew

Questions & Answers

Why join Wealth from scratch club?

 You want to feel financially secure, finally get out of debt, start investing, feel confident of retirement, live the life you actually love?  That’s not too much to ask!

Wealth From Scratch Club is the complete package: workshops and resources available for your most pressing financial topics, and a membership that offers community for like-minded individuals.

Joining Wealth From Scratch Club is the first step towards taking action on creating the lifestyle you truly desire. 

What will i learn?

From the workshops you’ll learn, the fundamentals of personal finance: budgeting, maintaining credit, paying off debt etc, but it goes further than just the generic information, and actually shows you HOW, WHY and give examples of WHEN is the right time to make the move. 

We answer the questions you didn’t even know you needed to ask yet that would cause you to stumble/detract from your progress. In a nutshell, we help get you to master your money faster by making you aware of the pitfalls and helping you avoid them. 

how much does it cost?

I firmly believe that everyone deserves to learn how master money, so I made the cost as low as possible, meanwhile providing you with the highest quality resources.

Membership is only $49/month, and workshops and resources can be purchased individually so you can purchase what you need.

is wealth from scratch right for me?

Wealth From Scratch is definitely NOT for everyone, and I only want you to join if it’s a good fit. To put it simply, membership is for motivated individuals who are READY to do better at money and to take action to create the life they truly desire.

Looking for get-rich-quick? Sorry, you’re in the wrong place. As a member, you’ll learn proven ways to manage your money, build credit, start investing, buy a home and more.  This is great for:

  • Anyone new to earning an income
  • Anyone new to managing money themselves
  • College seniors
  • Immigrants new to the US 
  • First generations wealth builders
  •  College graduates
  • Basically, anyone who uses money and wants to do better.
can't i just read a book and do it on my own?

Of course, Wealth From Scratch isn’t the only way to learn to master your money. Sure, you could:

  • Buy a bunch of books and spend several hours a day studying and digesting personal finance
  • Watch 300+ hours of YouTube videos, listen to 50+ podcasts and read 1000s of blog posts sifting through the fact, fiction and don’t right dangerous ‘advice’
  • Hire lawyers, insurance agents, accountants, bookkeepers, and more to learn the correct lingo, questions to ask and how to determine which actually know what they are talking about
  • Stumble around learning the rules of money after breaking them and suffering the financial losses, headaches trying to get it right, and worse, the loss of time and energy in the process

I listed all of that out to impress upon you that there is a reason most people don’t know how to play — let alone win — the game of money. We weren’t taught it in school and most folks learn from their own mistakes. It can be a long, complicated, and frustrating process and what you don’t know could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars — even millions — over your lifetime. 

Wealth From Scratch saves you your most valuable asset … your time. So you can move lightyears ahead faster than on your own

what's the commitment?

Every month we will continue to provide new workshops of the most valuable and heavily requested topics for those new with money and improving on their financial journey. We want to see you transform your finances (and life) and continue to move to greater heights and outgrow us. 

Yes, that’s right. We want you to stay as long as you find your membership beneficial, and you are continuing to learn and grow. That’s why we allow you to cancel at any time. We want our community to be full of inspired and motivated people who WANT to be actively engaging .. but most importantly for you to keep growing.

To cancel your membership, you can either click the “cancel membership” button inside your user account, or you can shoot our support team an email and we’ll take care of it for you.

After you cancel, you’ll continue to have access to all the membership content until the end of your billing cycle.

will the price change?

That’s a great question, because we actually do raise the price on a regular basis!  However, if you join now then you’ll be able to lock in the ridiculously low price you signed up for today for the lifetime of your membership! (Yes, that’s right — as long as you remain a member we will NEVER raise your rate.)

Stop Winging It With Your Money

Trying to piecemeal information together on your own hasn’t been working, let’s finally master your money.