Your Instructor

Hey There, I’m Jordanne

A Certified Financial Educator and Transformational Finance Coach, First Generation Wealth builder and Holistic Wealth Nerd who has been featured on Good Morning America, CNBC, the Huff Post, Time Magazine’s Personal Finance Subscription – Next Advisor, and many other sites.

I’ve worked through the same disheartening money frustrations.

As a first-generation immigrant, I had no guidance on how to handle anything with money and I didn’t have anyone to ask because my parents didn’t understand it either.

I made tons of mistakes trying to figure out how money works but after years stumbling in the dark, I’ve learned from my own experience, not a theory, about money and I created to share all the information I wish some told me in the beginning so I wouldn’t have had to learn it the hard way.

This is the place to get answers to questions; to understand by seeing examples; to get better.

From making a budget, to building credit, to buying a home, to investing and more, I’m here to help you learn the rules of money so you can confidently play the game and win!

Our Vision


To provide a financial education platform and community where those new to managing their money learn, find answers, can ask questions, and create a clear, step-by-step plan to navigate the world of managing their income and ultimately converting income to wealth.

Our Mission

To help you:

  • Increase your confidence in making money decisions
  • Learn the basics, advanced topics and everything in between when it comes to money mastery
  • Think critically about what to do with your money and when to do it
  • Avoid the common mistakes and offer avenues to recover from them if they do happen
  • Create wealthy habits extends beyond your finances


Our Approach

We believe that:

  • Everyone is Capable – Anything/Everything you need to know about money can be learned
  • We Are Guides, Not the Hero – You don’t need a savior telling you what to do with your hard-earned money. You need a guide to help you confidently make decisions for yourself. You are the hero in this story.
  • Knowledge Matters, But So Does Action – You can’t open a door that you don’t know exists, but it doesn’t matter how many doors there are if you don’t know how to open them. So, we teach, but we also want to show you how we did it, so you can know it’s possible and formulate your own action plan.
  • Money is a tool – it’s not good or bad, it’s all about how you use it
  • Life Transformations can come from Finances- Many of life’s frustrations could be solved with a little more money. And lives can be improved by doing better at your money.

Basically, you’re an adult. You are smart and can do this. We provide the insight; the inspiration and motivation and you’ll reap the transformation that comes with action.