Adulting 101: Money After College

Workshop Length: 50 mins

Financial success after college is more than numbers; it’s about empowering students to learn the habits and principles of personal finance so they can have fun and be excited about their money

Level - Beginner-Intermediate

We’ll cover the basics so you can invest with confidence


Course Objectives & Outcomes


Having the Life You Want - Determining Your Financial Goals


Living on Your Own - Why Budgets Suck & What You Should Do Instead


Slaying Your Debt - Repaying debts and student loans


Who's Looking at Your Credit Score & Why Does it Matter - Building and Using Credit


How to Become a Millionaire - The importance (and ease) of Investing


What Our Students Say

“I started this in December of last year because of your content. Samone and I made a pledge together to turn around our finances. My score rose by 25+ points in two months; debt is being handled; … Once I started following your content, I became more serious about changing the state of my financial situation as well as impacting it’s future state”.


WOW … Thank you so much for delivering such a content-packed and engaging presentation. You really offered tremendous value, and I appreciate you taking the time to put this together … Thank you again for your expertise, passion, and time today

Leigh Mascolino

Director of Career Development
Ohio Wesleyan University

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