Everything You Need to Know: 401ks

Workshop Length: 90 mins

A recent CNBC survey reported that 63% of Americans are confused by 401(k) plans. Let’s change that! We’ll walk you through all the finer details to help alleviate any stress around using it as part of your retirement planning

Level - Beginner-Intermediate

We’ll cover 401ks from top to bottom so you can invest with confidence


Course Objectives & Outcomes


All About 401Ks

A brief history on how the 401k became the popular retirement vehicle


The kinds of investments you can select from in your 401k

What options are available to you?


Understanding The Roth 401(k)'s vs. Traditional 401(k)'s

Roth or Traditional. Does it matter? Which is best? Get to the bottom of it now.


Knowing When & How Much to invest

Determining your number and how to confirm that you can reach it


Get The Most Out of Your 401K

Ways to get the most out of your 401k


Handling Uncertainty

What do with your 401K if you change jobs, need the funds beofre retirement, etc.


What Our Students Say

WOW … Thank you so much for delivering such a content-packed and engaging presentation. You really offered tremendous value, and I appreciate you taking the time to put this together … Thank you again for your expertise, passion, and time today

Leigh Masculino

Director of Career Development
Ohio Wesleyan University

“Thanks to Jordanne and her help, I’m back on track towards a sound financial future. She meets you exactly where you are. Whether it’s budgeting, making a financial plan or investing, Jordanne places high emphasis on changing your mindset. Changing my mindset was the most influential factor that impacted my spending, saving and laying a foundation for financial success. I still have more to achieve and will definitely look to Jordanne for advice and guidance. “


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